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Hi Dave. Brenda here. Friend of Ann's (Writing in the Corner blog).
I started reading Karen's comments to her post about the problems that Mormon women face in the church.
I found it RICH that the first response was from a man who told her that her "answers" were too "pat" because the church heirarchy "clearly states" they don't discriminate against women.
I found it hard to go beyond that because of that old feeling of anger that rises when I used to go to church.
Intriguing topic, though. Thanks for linking to that.

Brenda, in fairness to Steve, I think in that first comment he was sketching out the superficial answers he was expecting others to give to Karen's post, which seems like a confusing way to go about making a comment. His later comments in that thread give a better idea of his own views. I'm a little floored there were 84 comments in one day!

That's what happens when I don't read the whole thing - I misinterpret. Well, can't say I want to read those comments. It's been a long time since I thought those issues through, and it seems to me there isn't anything I can or want to do about it; I'm only Mormon on paper these days. It blows me away, however, how well Sherri Dew plays the "honor the priesthood" role. When is she going to have her major breakdown? She's overdue :)

Hey Brenda,

Yeah I was the first commenter back to Karen, and Dave's right, I was kind approaching things a little backwards. But you'd be surprised, I think, by some of the comments. Not all as awful as you'd imagine, hopefully.

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