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Somewhere there is a pair of glasses from some early GA which look like "hippie glasses." They have purple lenses and are round and look like John Lennon ought to be wearing them. Unfortunately for the life of me I can't recall whose they are. I want to say Hyrum Smith, but I'm not sure that's true.

Anyone know or better yet have a picture? I used to have one but lost in in a hard drive crash quite a few years back.

I think I know the shot--it will be the next image featured.

The Mormon Church is doctoring their history. I can't beleive they would hide this from us. That's it! I'm leaving the Church.

As a kid, my dad let me handle BY's sunglasses in the collection of the Church Museum. They had a certain Lennon-esque look to them, although as I recall they were square rather than round. I don't know if they are on display now or not.

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