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Another interesting piece of trivia I picked up in the article was that the Joseph Smith portrait at the head of the article -- the classic one that is seen a lot in LDS literature -- is by "artist unknown." I'm stunned they don't know who painted that portrait.

Regarding the slow early translation pace, I suppose he may have been getting used to the interpreters. In his book, Bushman cites some accounts suggesting that Joseph did not know how to translate when Martin Harris visited Anthon and others.

William Smith said many, many years later that the interpreters were "too large for Joseph's eyes; they must have been used by larger men" (July 4, 1891). Charles Anthon made a similar comment regarding the size of the interpreters.

It is interesting that Bushman signed off on the article's note on Joseph "receiv[ing] priesthood authority in 1829." I don't suppose the article was the right place to discuss the questions regarding the restoration of the priesthood and when it took place.

Regarding online essays by Bushman, BYU library online collections has the following essays: the American Revolution one, the "Visionary World of Joseph Smith," "'The Little, Narrow, Prison of Language': The Rhetoric of Revelation," and "A Joseph Smith for the Twenty-first Century."

gotta love the Bushman

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