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What I found interesting as well was the role of the members of the Batallion in San Diego in terms of the San Francisco gold rush and then building the roal from the bay area up across the mountains by Reno.

I live in Canada (near Niagara Falls), I've never been to Salt Lake City other than at the airport, never been to Nauvoo, never walked the pioneer trail, but I love Church history!
It always amazes me what these people were willing to do to follow the Prophet. Joseph could have asked them to do almost anything, and most of them would have done it. And obviously Brigham had these same powers of persuasion (either spiritual or manipulative, depending on which side you're on). And now President Hinckley tells people to not have tattoos and that only girls should wear earings, and then only 1 pair, and people can't handle it.
I read as much as I can about Church history as I try to understand what it was that prompted these people to sacrifice the way they did. Why don't we now? Is it a problem with the world we live in? Is it a problem with the Church getting too global? This stuff fascinates me.

Well Graham, if you like Church history . . . this is the place!

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