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This would seem like the ideal course for faculty members who are (or hope to be) affiliated with one of the various Mormon Studies programs that seem to be sprouting up -- UVSC has one, I think USU has one, and Claremont is getting one.

I would like to see Justin Butterfield there, but I'm wondering what time machine will transport him from his job as Joseph Smith's Illinois counsel.


Congratulations, Justin, your post was picked up by the Times & Seasons wire service, a fine compliment. It will be interesting to see who "the fifteen" turn out to be and what comes of this interesting experiment. I wonder if the positive experience of the Claremont symposium a month ago lent support to this idea?

Interesting that you didn't mention Quinn or Brooke's books on Joseph Smith and the esoteric tradition. Apparently that is now a whole field of history. There is even a journal on the topic. I wrote a review of one book from this genre a few months back.

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