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With all the new bloggy goodness about, I have felt the impetus to do a new blog design. This may have been the last straw.

I'm glad the blogroll is back on the main page; gives me more exposure!

By the way, I finally added a blogroll.

I also spent some time yesterday a-web-tinkering. Some new apostate GD lessons and a multi-page menu at the NOM web site. Also a fawning link to DMI on the links page. Click my link to check it out.

I also have missed your books.

Thanks for the link endorsement, Ann. I was curious whether DMI would be classified as a pro-LDS site, a neutral LDS site, or a critical LDS site, but I see it under "Other LDS-Related Discussion Boards," which seems to be a conveniently broad category.

I'd say you're still an Old Order Mormon, Dave.

Notice that the discussion boards are ranked by "orthodoxy," and you're right under Times & Seasons - third place in Orthodoxy. Nauvoo.com was number one, of course.

I wouldn't diss you by calling you New Order, Dave. You operate at an entirely different level than the NOMs.

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