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Great post, Dave. I've long thought that Mormons really use a very different meaning of "know" than the ones that scientists or lawyers, for example, typically use. But it's a useful question to ask what, exactly, that meaning is.

I like your phronesis idea, but I also think there are other possibilities. My preferred choice is perhaps to say that it's the following archaic usage (from the OED): "To acknowledge, confess, own, admit." When we bear our testimonies of the church, the Book of Mormon, etc., we aren't really expressing confidence in our ability to logically demonstrate that claims about these things are in some sense factual. Instead, we're confessing these things in the same sense that traditional Christianity confesses the creeds. This seems a plausible alternative version of the Mormon "know."

What the Mormon view would list as God's essential attributes is an interesting question.

As you probably know, this was one the major purposes of Blake Ostler's first book in his planned trilogy. In fact it is called Exploring Mormon Thought: The Attributes of God. I thought the book was excellent (albeit too long).

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