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I just noticed this new feature last night - and is something I've wanted to see for awhile. Cool beans.

I also regrouped my sidebars and added section titles: Feeds and book notes on the left sidebar; comments, blogrolls, and site info on the right sidebar.

So far, the Typepad application won't accept many of the blog feeds I try to enter. Maybe they're still working out the bugs, but the app seems awfully finicky.

My opinion: you need to work on the titles (-- Links --). They are off center in Firefox and they are...well...less than attractive. I would recomend placing the titles in the boxes with blue text (like your subtitles) then put your subtitles in the same font as the link, but bolded, blue and left flushed.

Alright Stapley, since your blog looks so good, I took your advice (although your MA feed didn't work, so I copied the JavaScript code from Justin's sidebar). Whaddya think?

PS - If you fiddled around with the BigBold.com feed parameters, you could make the Archipelago feed look as nice as my LDS Headlines feed!

Your wish is my command.

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