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He does have up some great links. It's a great service. I do wish however that Kofford would update their web site. I'm curious about when Blake's book is out as well. I thought it was supposed to be out by now but Kofford doesn't have it even listed on their website.

I'm excited about Gee's new Abraham book out. Metcalfe will have his out afterwards. It should be an interesting fall and winter of incriminations and counter-incriminations. I don't know when Metcalfe's will be out though. I thought it was this fall but maybe the spring?

J. R. Clark compiled the First Presidency's statements from the inception of the Church to 1951 by date with excellent commentary in Messages of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 6 vols. (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft). I can't imagine that this one volume will be able to add to this 6 volume set. I would love to get from 1951 to the present in similar fashion. Is that what this new offering entails? If so, it will be invaluable. Their site conveys minimal info and what it does convey looks not to be source material.

The book seems mistitled since it appears it will simply include significant FP statements of a doctrinal or theological nature from the nineteenth century to the present. It won't include the mundane messages about what kind of sacrament cups to use or the annual Red Cross blood drive.

It appears that it will include recent messages such as the Living Christ and the Proclamation on the Family.

Yes, Justin, I'd be much happier with a chronological compendium that actually provides every FP statement of the last 50 years. I find the more prosaic statements to be the most interesting, such as the one requesting that large family groups not go to airports to see off or welcome back missionaries. Or the ones periodically asking members to exercise their right to vote, but reminding everyone that the Church never, ever gets directly involved in political campaigns.

A chronological compendium would be nice to see, Dave. I must admit that the "mundane" statements can be just as interesting.

Regarding the last 50 years, I would also like to see a comprehensive set of letters and statements. It would include the letters and statements on worthiness standards for missionaries, modern-language editions of the Book of Mormon, the SCMC, Hill Cumorah, birth control, "unholy and impure practices," same-sex marriage, blacks and the priesthood, AIDS, etc.

Thanks Dave for posting on our forthcoming line-up. Maybe just a few notes: the statements of the LDS First Presidency is based in part on Clark’s six volume study, issues of the church handbooks of instruction, this year’s True to the Faith and other sources arranged alphabetically by subject, then chronologically. I think readers will be pleased ... and disappointed. Not bad for a single volume.

Metcalfe’s book on the Book of Abraham Letterbook is at least a year out, maybe more ... maybe a lot more. But well worth the wait.

If any of your readers are interested in a catalog have them e-mail or call the office and I’ll send them one. We have a fun list of forthcoming titles and several important recent releases.


Tom Kimball
Signature Books

Next project, Tom: reprint all the church handbooks in full leather.


If you are up for reviewing Edward Kimball's biography of Spencer Kimball, entitled Lengthen Your Stride (Deseret Book, August 2005), I would appreciate your assessment of the differences between the published copy and the longer version on the CD accompanying the book. Evidently DB wanted to edit the manuscript down in places and the author refused.

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