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First of all great blog! You can add me to your list of fellow LDS bloggers. I just started my own blog at www.trainersworld.blogspot.com

Second, great blog on the RLDS. I have had a passion for studying the RLDS and the Restoration Movement now for about 15 yrs. Interesting to see the decline and apostasy take over.

I am a Gospel Doctrine Teacher as well and a professional corporate trainer.

I'll visit often.



I've been fascinated by The Community of Christ since I first heard about them; not sure why.

I don't think there's any chance of non-Mormons taking them seriously however, as they're just lumped together with LDS. Even if mainstream Christians and RLDS had identical views the scripture issue will never be softened by Christians.

That, to me, is a great shame.

Interesting Post. The RLDS own some of the best property, but not the best doctrine.

I am somewhat an expert on LDS, RLDS doctrine and theology. You might say 50 years experience. I believe God speaks today and that Joseph Smith was a prophet, for a while. I have had some prophetic experiences I would be glad to share if you are into that sort of thing.

David, I'll post your comment along with your email address so anyone who wants to inquire further may do so.

Does anyone know if there is an RLDS equivalent to the Bloggernacle? It might be interesting to open contact.

After reading your post there is one thing I would like to say. The comment about the Temple in Community of Christ, I would say is incorrect.
I am a member of Community of Christ. I am also a historian and theologian of Community of Christ history and theology with a particular interest in theology of Temple in Community of Christ.
The Independence Temple ministry and use reflect greatly on use of the Kirtland Temple in the 1830s. Different words may be use, but language has evolved and changed over the years. The underlying understanding and base theology of Temple has not truly "changed" though our understanding has probably expanded over the years.

Peace be with you,
Lyle II

A mainstream LDS friend told me a while back that the Community of Christ had merged in some way with a Methodist denomination and had to give up certain LDS tenets as part of the deal. I haven't been able to find anything about that, and frankly, I don't understand what he was talking about. Does anybody here know what he might have been referring to?

Just a few comments. First, I'd like to point out that there is a difference between the Restoration Church and the Restoration movement. The mass exodus from the RLDS church in 1984 resulted in the restoration movement, a movement dedicated to upholdong the original doctines of the church as it was restored through Joseph Smith Jr. in 1830. Other groups such as the Remnant Church and (I assume) the Restoration Church came out of the restoration movement ostensibly from a need for organization.

That said, I would also like to point out that the Remnant Church traces their leader's lineage to Joseph Smith Jr. maternally. This goes against the law of lineage which is traced father to son.

Each faction that shot out from the Restoration movement has done so at the expense of the original doctrines of the church that said movement claims to uphold.

Hi, former RLDS member here, tossing in my two cents on a couple matters mentioned above.

The RLDS Church/Community of Christ has not merged with any other religious body. Since the 1920's there has been urban legends about them merging with somebody else - never has happened. No outside entity is feeding money into the church in exchange for them watering down their beliefs. The doctrinal changes of the last forty or so years took place internally and for many reasons, but none of them to get outside funding.

The Remnant LDS Church and the Restoration LDS Church both arose out of the chaos after 1984, but not quite in the same way. The folks who came together as the Restoration Church never participated in the Restoration Branches movement per se - they emerged from a study group that began in an RLDS stake in the early 1980's. They officially held a conference in 1991, declared the RLDS Church out of order and identified themselves as the church in succession. Things have not been easy for the Restoration Church. At one point, they were closing in on 10,000 members in the States and abroad - last I knew, they were down to a dozen groups around the country and roughly 400 members.

3. The Remnant Church, by contrast, did grow out of the independent branches; one of the cooperative organizations that the Restoration Branches use to commmunicate with one another - the Conference of Restoration Elders - was where the first signs of what was to become the foundation of the Remnant Church arose.

The Remnant Church, I understand now has close to two dozen congregations in the US and Canada and is moving in on a couple thousand members.

Note that both the Restoration Church and the Remnant Church understand themselves as the legal and spiritual successor to the RLDS/Community of Christ.

The Restoration Branches, by contrast, have operated under the assumption that they are the legitimate RLDS Church and that the Lord will one day cleanse the church so the faithful may once again assume temporal control. However, there are some that are beginning to think in terms of organizating above branch level and that may some day lead them to organize sufficiently enough to try to get control of the RLDS moniker from the Community of Christ.

The Restoration branches collectively have more former RLDS folks than anyone - there are roughly 200 independent branches with membership somewhere in the 25,000-30,000 member range. If they were ever to effect a central organization, they would very quickly become the third largest Latter Day Saint denomination. Going by what I hear about their missionary efforts abroad through their cooperative organizations, they could possibly surpass the Community of Christ and be the second largest within a decade of forming that central organization. They certainly have the zeal.

I have started a wikia project to document the beliefs of the independent RLDS Restoration Branches movement.

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