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Wikipedia is great to give bearings or a general picture. It should in no way be used as a primary reference IMO.

"One amazing thing about Wikipedia is its ability to put together fairly balanced articles on controversial topics."

Yeah, once all the fighting stops. Probably the hardest thing about editing on Wikipedia is the controversial topic. Constantly, people come in and either vandalise the page or put in unsourced and often very biased information. It can be frustrating.

I think it can Clark if an article has properly cited sources.

Count me as a vote for not using it as a primary reference. It is very handy as it will often provide links to primary sources, though.

The problem is, Kim, even if it has proper cites, there's no guarantee the author knows what he's talking about. I've corrected a few pages in areas I'm familiar with. The author(s) cited sources but clearly didn't understand them.

Interesting - you make no mention about the fast growing MormonWiki.com - A wikipedia type website dedicated entirely to Mormonism.

Roland, I don't like the approach taken by MormonWiki.com. There is no identification of who is running the site, what their qualifications are, or what their agenda is. Unlike Wikipedia, MormonWiki doesn't use footnotes or make sources easy to follow. They adopt an authoritative tone, as if they know what they are talking about, yet they disclaim any official sponsorship or connection to the Church and provide no basis for the aura of authority they try to establish. If a GA could tackle the task of explaining Mormon doctrine comprehensively yet screw it up as thoroughly as Elder McConkie did in Mormon Doctrine, no one should give an anonymous site like MormonWiki any credence.

At least Wikipedia gives citations; has a policy of providing a variety of perspectives; and doesn't take itself too seriously. I prefer Wikipedia to MormonWiki.

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