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Thanks for the heads up on this blog, looks cool. I've always thought there should be more photos in blogging. (I post a lot on my personal blog, but if I were to limit myself to mostly Mormon subjects I think I'd go insane.)

And BTW, count me as one that doesn't like the new link image thing.

Thanks for the comment, Susan. I did remove Snap windows on the sidebars. Unless someone throws in a "Dave that's really cool" comment or two in the next few days, I may de-Snap the site.

I have a solo blog mostly about temples,, but I just don't blog much. My near future suddenly and unexpectedly has a lot more free time in it, so expect more posts and updates in the near future.


It looks like a blog, but it doesn't really function like a blog. So I'll add it to my list of Mormon sites, not LDS blogs.

Monk, maybe you should solicit some start-up capital and actually build a Mormon monastery. Utah has deserts ...

Yeah, I remember picking up Onelowerlight on some other bloggernacle thread.

I really like what he's doing. The photos bring back a lot of memories.

There is another one that I've been tracking for a couple of years now and he has some really great pictures. When he started, a lot of the pictures were of the BYU campus. In fact today's shot is an awesome view of the JSFB.


Thanks for the link, dp. I actually discovered two new blogs as a result of your comment.

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