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Are there any Mormon Photoblogs? There's only one listed on mormon-blogs.org, and strangely when I google mormon photoblogs, the only relevant result is a post here on DMI.

And here's another new LDS blog (viz., mine):


I actually started it because of some of the anti-LDS screeds coming out of the Secular Left (and I say that as a lifelong registered Democrat). For what it's worth. ..bruce..

Welcome aboard, Bruce. I squeezed you in the main post as a late entry.

Click my name to link to my new Mormon blog.

Thanks for the link, Dave! I haven't exactly been promoting the blog, so I was surprised to see it show up anywhere. Only a few stories so far, but I hope to be blogging regularly.

Your Rodney Stark prediction made me laugh. You realize, however, that his numbers are inflated -- they don't take into consideration all of the innactive or less-active blogs. But I do think his observation that Mormon blogs will be the biggest thing since Muslim blogs is spot on.

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