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I like it. Keep it up.

Dave, it's an excellent feature.

I recently started looking at your blog - and I appreciate the side stuff. I particularly like your Long Column of Books - I've taken note of a few of them to buy soon. Keep them both up if you can.

Its a nice feature, I read daily, and is an excellent idea. As for Angelina Jolie, well yes. Her relationship alone (or non these days to her dad) calls the new Sept. Dawn movie into question.

Thanks for the nice comments, folks. Believe it or not, it took 3 months to get it right -- from this beta site (with a prior template) to separate lists for net and 'nacle on the left sidebar of DMI (with the old template), and finally to the mixed feature which finally feels like a winner. And I really like how white background images kind of meld into the page with the new template.

I think it is funny that not having to "deal with comments" is one of the benefits. I do like the side bar, though.

The new sidebar is very nice looking. I think it's cool that you can insert images into them. That's unique in the 'Nacle and I'd like to have a feature like that in my WordPress blog.

I like it. I was all excited to show my wife the little "Bueller" entry on my own 9M post. It's a great community function in my book.

I like it a lot too, keep it up. Have you experimented with a slightly different color font for the Net & Nacle sidebar? As the middle of three columns, a different color font would help separate the three columns and allow the eye to take in all of the information at DMI a little faster/easier. But maybe not. Just an idea.

I like it as well as your shared Google Reader feed. But Net & Nacle is different right? Is there a way to produce a feed for Net & Nacle?

That's primarily how I read blogs now. I wish Times & Seasons sideblog had a feed as well (like BCC does).

I suppose that deprives blogs of page views but it's a great way to view a lot of content.

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