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I had Bushman's "On the Road" preordered at Amazon, but then it became unavailable. Has it actually been released?

As it so happens, I just finished that part of Dan's introduction. I agree that it was simply terrific.


On the Road was released 2 1/2 months ago. No one seems quite sure why it isn't currently available on Amazon. Deseret Book is carrying it, and it can be ordered through their website.

On the Road is now available through Amazon. I got mine in the mail on Saturday.

Kevin, I remember you writing somewhere about helpful inoculation for believing LDS (could have been in reference to the PBS show). I saw this same idea asserted by Dan in this article. Interesting.

Dave, on a different note than Bushman, I found Dan's paragraph on the Community of Christ very interesting, too. Sometime, I would like to highlight this on HI4LDS.

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