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Dave, I think weekly posts for Gospel Doctrine could be a good idea. Times & Seasons no longer provides this. I asked Jim F. at Feast Upon the Word and he said just post links to his notes from 2004. So I think there will be an opportunity for someone like you.

I meant to say "he said he would just post"

I loved all the increased Book of Mormon blogging that happened when Pres. Hinckley asked us all to read it a while back. So an enthusiastic yes to more BofM posts.

Are you teaching Sunday School? Because if not, I really enjoyed the RS Lessons that ExII did. It's not a crowded field, and since PH is mostly the same, you could do those.

We have our own very cool series at NOM, but it's probably not the sort of thing that would ever actually be taught on a Sunday.

BofM? Yawn.

BofM? Yes.

I am highly in tune to this.

We probably won't harmonize much, Dave, in 2008, but we are both thinking about weekly posts on this topic.

Happy new year, friend.

It will be a great adventure.

And I notice BCC has cycled to a frigid winter image banner. Personally, I find it more of a challenge to convey the procession of the seasons using only colors.

Yeah, ice & snow are soooo obvious.

Hmm...where's the Net & Nacle sidebar? Is that gone with the old template? I liked that.

Sorry, David, I've retired "Net & 'Nacle" for the moment, but I'm touched you like the feature. I'll just start using the really juicy links for short "link and comment" posts in the main column.

I realize that the Book of Mormon field might be well-covered in the bloggernacle this year, but I think that is excellent. There are some who will take a more FARMS-like approach (analytical, "historical", evidentiary), and others who will take a more application-based (how it has blessed their personal lives) approach. I can benefit from both, and from a myriad of approaches in-between.

I also thought the "Net & Nacle" feature was a good thing. A clever name too - I wished I'd thought of that one.

Well, it seems Net & 'Nacle had a few fans -- maybe I'll try and figure out how to resurrect it without it taking over my daily allotment of blog time.

And so much for winter colors -- I reverted to an earlier template. Same layout, different shade of gray.

Now you're just waffling like Romney, Dave. How can we ever know where you stand, now??

Steve, you are blatantly misrepresenting my blogging record. I have always been firmly committed to this centrist and moderate color scheme -- acceptable to bloggers across the entire readership spectrum -- and will continue to champion Minimalist Grey, especially in the face of criticism from bloggers who change their harshly-toned, pixel-bloated banner image every three months. I like to describe my banner image as smaller, smarter, and simpler.

I plan on founding Swift Boat Veterans for Blog Themes. Your days are numbered!

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