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It's great of you to recognize the newbies coming in. Thanks for that! (Just FYI - I don't know about most of the others, but Mormon Momma has been around for five years. )


Thanks for your post. If you're looking for other newer blogs (that were inspired by Elder Ballard), my brother and I started one here:


We're basically sharing some of our personal insights as we study the Book of Mormon, and are more than open to any comments or suggestions.

Ok, so what qualifies a blog as "Mormon?" I am Mormon and I have a blog. I sometimes post on religious topics, but also about many other things. I've been posting regularly for over three years.

Oh, and here is my blog:
dwelling in possibility

Thanks for your list of blogs, and thank you for linking to mine!

Hey Dave,
I decided to take the plunge, Here is my new site. I thought I might have a good story or two as a child neurologist, Mormon, and Physician. We'll see.

Mind, Soul, and Body

Hey Dave. I'm an old timer. I started my blog pre-Ballard, Oct 07.

LDS Alive in Christ

OK--how do you leave a link that just needs to be clicked on, like those above.

The one I left above needs to be cut and pasted.



Thanks for the encouragement to all the new bloggers! I started a blog pre-Ballard but felt pretty directionless, despite the blog title being taken from the D&C. I'm really excited now and hope I can share my testimony in this simple way!

Thanks for all you do!

Thanks for the comments, everyone. Maybe I'll have to make an "Even Newer LDS Blogs" list now. The half-life of the average blog is about one month, but if you stick with it, it's an adventure.

Jared, follow this link for simple instructions on making an HTML link. Or right click and choose "view source code" (or something similar) to see the code for this page and find this text in the display.

Sally--thanks for the tip. Great site. :-]

Dave--I just noticed that you left the tip--thanks to you.

Thanks for the invitation. I am a Mormon Environmentalist of sorts. I am trying to mix the two into a new blog:


Sustainability, Consumption, and Environmental Topics from an LDS Perspective

I just read your instructions on posting a link. I've been wondering how to do that. Thanks. My blog:

Latter-Day Sustainability

My blog: ldsWebguy. Promoting the appropriate use of the Web to spread information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. By Larry Richman, the Director of Internet Coordination for the Church.

Thanks for the note, Larry. I blogrolled you a year ago; keep up the good work.

Since you asked, my new blog is One Latter-Day Saint's View.

Thanks for the comments and links, everyone. I made a new blogroll list on the far sidebar, now titled "New LDS Blogs 08," with new entries selected from the dozens of new LDS weblogs (can't list 'em all).

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