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wow, that is creepy, no matter what party.

Not nearly as creep as this.

I have seen the first video (primary at the Church of Obama) all around the conservative blogosphere. Oops, I guess I am still in the conservative blogosphere! :) :)

Yeah, I was pretty creeped out by it too, but reading the description on the youtube page helped make it feel less cult-of-personality-ish. Apparently the first song was written by the 9-year-old girl who sings it. Still weird, but not as weird as it looks without any context.

Have you seen Jesus Camp? Would you like to know more?

The little girl is cute and sounds very creative. If she really came up with all of that on her own, kudos to her. The whole thing kind of reminds me of some of the documentaries I've seen on North Korea and other communist countries. It is a sad day when we start singing odes to our political leaders and expecting them to "Save" us.

I notice the video is no longer available. Easy come, easy go.

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