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Interesting thoughts.

As an Alaskan and a Mormon though, it's a little disconcerting to feel relieved I won't have to deal with the media's ignorance about Mormons only to realize I now have to deal with their ignorance about Alaska.

I actually don't disagree with much you say here, Dave. I would only note that while last night was an important first test, it was also the most easily controlled and scripted test she'll face. She's been holed up for nearly a week, with a full cast of speech writers and policy advisors, basically preparing for this entirely planned out and rehearsed moment. Frankly, all we really know this morning is that she is a fine public speaker. That's no small thing, but the more telling test will be whether she can hold her own during the unscripted media events over the next couple weeks, and, further, maintain that composure during the constant intensity of the campaign trail. Even the most gifted of politicians need time to find their groove. By all accounts, even just a couple of weeks ago, virtually no one even knew who she was, and now the election is just two months away. McCain has asked a lot of her. And whether she can pull it off is still an open question.

I believe it was NBC's Chuck Todd who said that a VP nominee only has to good on three days. The day he/she is introduced, their convention speech, and the debate, though this might be different for someone like Palin.

Anyway, two down, and the toughest is yet to come.

Tim, I think that's largely right, but only if McCain doesn't plan on using her to actively campaign. Of course, the whole point of this pick was to gamble on her potential to be a game-changer. That can't happen if they only let her out to debate Biden and then try to shield her from the press. If she's going to make a difference, she's has to get involved in a public way, and that comes with unavoidable risks. Just ask George Allen.

Oh I agree completely with you Randy. McCain has to almost make Palin the face of the campaign at this point. She needs to make the late-night talk show circuit including the Daily Show and Colbert. I would love to see her across from John Stewart and think it would do her well to do so.

I do wonder what the next step will be.

I don't really see Obama nominating Romney for a cabinet-level position.

What mike d. said. Where's the rec button?

Ah, such good-natured banter. If only all political post discussion could be so.

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