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Hello, I'm Dave. I live and work in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Before law school, I served a two-year LDS mission in France and Switzerland, then worked as an auditor. I'm active LDS with a lovely wife and three great kids. I read a lot -- mostly history and other nonfiction, as you can see from the books displayed in my sidebar -- and often post short reviews online. I started blogging at this Typepad site in March 2004. Please feel free to contact me by email with comments, questions, or inquiries at dmiwlog at yahoo dot com.
Nothing I post reflects any sort of "official" LDS position or opinion, of course. For that sort of thing, go to LDS.org or subscribe to the Ensign. My posts here are just personal observations and reflections. Comments posted by visitors reflect their own opinions and observations, not mine, and I will only edit or delete comments on those rare occasions when posted comments violate my posted comment policies.
So why do I blog? Because I enjoy exchanging comments with the small but growing community of LDS bloggers as well as other visitors who drop in from time to time. Because I enjoy writing. Because blogging helps me remember all the good things about the LDS Church. If you are LDS and active, stay that way. If you are LDS but taking a break from church, come back some day. If you follow a different faith, follow it well. If you have no faith, keep searching.
I post at the following weblogs:
Dave's Mormon Inquiry (DMI) -- http://mormoninquiry.typepad.com  In my posts at Mormon Inquiry on Mormonism and related topics, I try to be forthright and candid while avoiding loaded terms that tend to offend rather than inform. I share my thoughts, observations, and reflections, and invite others to post comments and responses. If your opinions differ, don't get upset, just leave a comment giving your view of things. Or not. Some people get way too worked up about blogging.
Times and Seasons (T&S) -- http://www.timesandseasons.org  The original LDS group blog, featuring posts from a dozen or so permanent bloggers and a dizzying variety of guest bloggers who have something interesting to say about Mormonism.
Worlds Without End (WWE) -- http://www.withoutend.org/   A Mormon Studies group blog.