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Gee, I'm so glad that you are such an authority on art to immediately dismiss the incredibly varied and fascinating art form of quilting. Since quilting was the only way that women across cultures have been able and permitted to express themselves artistically for centuries, I'm so glad modern women can be sure to be subjected to the same brusque dismissal that their sisters creations experienced for generations. Thanks for keeping the tradition alive.

From Ensign, January 2009, p. 77:

Church Museum Gets Name Change

To align itself with other Church entities, including the new Church History Library now under construction, the Museum of Church History and Art in Salt Lake City is now the Church History Museum.

(See also "Church Art is History.")

Thanks for the quote and link, John. Someone just needs to update the LDS.org page with the prior name.

simsisms, I'm sure the quilts appeal to some more than others. I didn't say I didn't look; I just didn't linger.

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