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The title is a reference to the subtitle for Dr. Stranglove. RPN is reverse polish notation.

I do not have an ipad. Do you like the size of it? I know size isn't everything but it is something.

I'm saving my pennies for an iPad, but my favorite ipod church app is this one.
The free Gospel Library app has most of the same content, but the thing I love about the LDSScriptures app is the ability to add your own content.

After you download the app and create an account on the website, you go to the section called Book Builder where you can either type in your own content, or cut and paste. You can organize it by chapters. And then it automagically links all scripture references to the scriptures.

So for example, I might copy and paste Jim F.'s gospel doctrine class notes, or a blog post from Feast Upon the Word-- into a book and all the scripture references link up.

sorry, but the fact that you "recently" purchased an ipad does NOT make you an early adopter.

Milo -- early as in not late.

Ten points for Eric. I need tougher questions.

I've really enjoyed my iphone 4. Other good apps for mormons include:

Lamanite- A Samual the Lamanite based game
Name that Hymn- It also has name that prophet and name that scripture
The Salt Lake Tribune- so you can read Peggy anywhere
BYU Studies- Look at issues of BYU studies on your idevice for free
The Mormon Channel- The kids like the scripture stories
Monopoly- FHE without the mess

Thanks, Matt. I forgot about the Mormon Channel. Just added the SL Trib and BYU Studies.

Your too young to be an early adopter of reverse polish.

Thank you, J.

Another good app is "The Cricket and Seagull Podcast." You can listen to it without needing to download it via iTunes.

Ah, but iStake pulls up addresses for home teaching with directions from where you are, and can cross-link to Zillo so that it displays how much everyone's houses are valued at (which someone just showed me at church today).

BTW, I did not realize that Dr. Strangelove used Reverse Polish -- thought he could never be an HP man.

Ward Tools looked good. Needs a download for your computer to work on your itouch though.

I am on the edge of getting one. Any advice on 3G vs. Wifi only?

You save about a hundred bucks choosing WiFi only. If you do get 3G, the data plan is optional, and if you do get it, it's month-to-month. It's just nice to have the option if you might end up stranded in an airport for a day or on a week-long vacation at a remote cabin.

Reverse Polish Notation. I had an HP caluculator for calculus

Youngest child has just inherited my last quad. I'm looking at prices for a replacement, and wondering whether a paper copy gives me anything I can't get from an electronic reader. Opinions?

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