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I mostly took the independent route until I lost my faith all together.

What I found particularly striking as I studied evolution is that the arguments against, and even the 'independent' philosophy, have remained stagnant more or less since evolution was popularized.

Evolution itself, however, has remained vibrant and is constantly being strengthened by new evidence and corrections.

Learning more about evolution eventually led to the loss of my faith, but it was viewing it as an 'independent' area of study that allowed me to continue learning about it without feeling like I was hurting my spirituality... at least until it did.

The question may be rephrased: Responses by which Mormonism? Evolution is fairly compact: random genetic changes, changing environment, selection of the fittest. Mormonism is not compact and it is hard to look for compatibility with evolution without carefully defining what one's take on Mormonism consists of.

This is rarely acknowledged by LDS proponents of evolution.

Are you sure about that?

Most of the really interesting things about the evolution vs. religion debate boil down to the debate between determinism and free will. If you can't see anything wrong with strict causal determinism, you are not likely to have a problem with mechanical evolution either.

Mechanical evolution is the theory that you start with a random ball of gas, add a handful of rudimentary physical laws and out comes advanced civilization and culture. The vision of Korihor, more or less.

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