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Dave, do you think that Mormons have become more conservative than they were 30 years ago?

I think we need to distinguish between religious conservatism and political conservatism. On both measures, I would say yes, Mormons are more conservative than two generations ago.

Have you written about why you believe that is the case, Dave? I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around that.

I'll cover the material from the book on politics and religion in post 3, but on page 365 the authors note that "the Mormon population in Utah has formed what is perhaps the strongest conservative voting bloc in the country ...."

As for religious conservatism, that certainly follows from a renewed emphasis (in the Correlation era) on inerrancy, infallibility, slavish dedication to traditional interpretations in LDS manuals, and a studious rejection of modern scholarship in manuals and LDS religion classes.

I believe we are now a full generation past the high tide of scriptural fundamentalism in LDS manuals and religion classes. That is not to say that the echoes do not reverberate, but the manuals for regular classes seem to be so minimalist in part because the Church does not want to take detailed positions on every point of scriptural theology, the way JFS2 and BRM were inclined to do, for example.

I agree with J. Stapley. I don't think that Mormons have really gotten more conservative socially or politically. It looks more like society (and especially academia and the media) has gotten much less conservative.

Dave, agree that young people are moving away from traditional values, including organized religion. Mormons may become the new Amish.

The good news is this exception: there is a modern movement away from the Western diet of highly processed foods, towards a more natural, and healthful, diet.

In this they are approaching the prescriptions of the Word of Wisdom (diets rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, with a little meat).

A new noncommercial website/blog-- wordofwisdomliving.com--supports this movement. It is my work and I am asking for your support.

Skip Hellewell (email: [email protected])

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