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"It is likely not a permanent feature of American politics: "[S]hould sex and family issues recede in political significance, religion ... will gradually cease to be such a salient political division. The data suggest that abortion and gay marriage may recede as political issues"

I don't believe this for a second. Sure, it might become regional concerns more than national, but its not going away. Because of this, as the saying goes, what is regional becomes national and therefore those who don't like it are stuck with it unless somehow the whole of the United States becomes primarily atheist.

"A final comment on one of the more unexpected results from the book: churches with fewer Republicans have more political activity at church (see Fig. 12.4)"

Well that can't be. Liberals preach Social Justice at taught by the Gospel and Conservatives talk Politics as taught by racists.

Interesting point about social networks. I wonder about how much complaint about the politicized nature of Mormonism is more a complaint about the non-religious social networks that correspond to membership. Of course it's a blurry line. People tend to socialize more with people from their wards.

Jettboy, are you saying that conservatives don't, wouldn't or shouldn't preach Social Justice as taught by the Gospel?

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