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Seems like a lot of people point to Apocryphal Writings and the Latter-day Saints. I've not read it though. I also think that the pseudepigrphal writings have had some significant influence on the LDS thought (e.g., 2 Ezra).

Thanks for the pointer, J. Here is a link -- on sale for $10 at Amazon.


A digital copy is also available for free from the BYU Digital Archives under "Religious Studies Center."

Thanks for the information. For people that are interested in auditory learning, there is a good course by The Teaching Company entitled "Beginnings of Judaism." It covers the whole 2nd Temple period, including the intertestamental period. At his blog, Michael Satlow also has a free series of 22 downloadable lectures covering the same material. The series title is From Israelite to Jew.

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