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I prefer this explanation of creation: http://dumpalink.com/videos/Family-Guy-The-Big-Bang-905f.html

"The issue has been so thoroughly muddled by Joseph Fielding Smith's adoption of YEC and CES's continued allegiance to aspects of YEC that it is difficult to even speak about an authentic LDS view."

The YSA branch that was in our stake would meet in the seminary building. The first time I spoke there as a member of the HC I was completely taken aback by the posters hanging on the walls with various events in OT history and the dates they took place, i.e. Fall of Adam and Eve & beginning of death (4,000 b.c.), The Flood and the distruction of all life but Noah's family/animals (2,500 b.c.), etc.

I understand that educators are in a fix because of JFS's strong stance, as well as the D&C's "seven thousand years...temporal existence" of the earth (D&C 77:6), but since these dates are so demonstratingly "questionable", I would think they might deemphasize them somewhat (a bit like what was done for some of BY's more "questionable" musings).

I read once that after James E. Talmage visited Adam-ondi-ahman and was shown the alter that Adam built and prayed on, he wrote in his diary that he couldn't help notice the fossils in the rock that made up the alter.

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