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Re: The playing investigators thing. Females are welcome. I've done it before and there are usually far more females than males. As for asking hard questions, it's not really that sort of thing. You're given a scenario to act out (I can't remember the details), but you don't really ask anything other than what is on your paper to ask.

RE: BYU honors office- When I was a freshman, the Honor's guy came to Deseret Towers (V-hall) to give a little fireside about the honor code, etc. Then he concluded with a story that he passed off as an actual incident, but was a flagrant retelling of a story from the Reader's Digest a few months prior! (the story was about him walking in on a Coed in the dorms who was coming out of the shower, and there was only a washcloth available, so she covered her face and ran down the hall to her room. So not only was this false, it was a bit blue as well!) My respect for the Honors office evaporated.

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