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Excellent article, and thanks for the links. As I said on the Exhorters post, I sang with a UM Choir when I lived in Texas, and much about their services resonated with me. Interesting how Calvinism inserts itself into even the most un-Calvinist of folks.

I like it. One quibble. I think that you are letting Calvinism do too much work in our analysis. Arminianism doesn't deny the proventential working of God in history. One can understand many of your "Calvinist" statements as simply statements of providentialism.

Nate, perhaps I'm reading too much of "free agency" (generally contrasted rather starkly with predestination) back into Arminian "free will." But it's never easy to nail down exactly how Calvinism or Arminians dealt with the details; each thinker made their own exceptions or compromises with the general doctrines. I myself find it almost impossible to grasp the classical Calvinist mindset. But noting how much providential control we "extreme free agents" will recognize when events seem to point in that direction gives me a clue to how Calvinists (lay as well as priestly) dealt with what appear to be tensions or contradictions in the classical Calvinist perspective. I guess you might call it pragmatic theology.

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