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I'd gladly shorten the motto of Common Consent, but I'm not sure yet how tolerant we're actually going to be -- my personal feeling is to ban the trolls that aren't willing to have open discussions. Hence being an intolerant liberal. Kind of a contradiction in terms, I guess....

Steve, I understand the need to monitor comments. Zealots of either extreme can mess up otherwise pleasant discussions, even ones hosted by the tolerant liberals at BCC.

Tru dat! I guess my difficulty is that I don't like the idea of censorship, yet I really don't want to listen to extremist views. Strange, no?

You ever had any problems?

Steve, no problems yet, but I've only had comments since migrating from my old Radio site earlier this month.

Speaking of my old site, would you mind redirecting your Tin Plates link from my old site http://radio.weblogs.com/0128987 to this new site http://mormoninquiry.typepad.com ? Thanks!

While my blog is not new, I only recently started writing philosophically on it. I wanted to post and say thanks to Dave for the link back.


Dave, the link is fixed -- but sadly you were bumped from Tin Plates to Kinderhook. it's completely TIC.

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