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Sort of reminds me of people who feel that phenomenon that God uses as signs (like fire and brimstone, earthquakes, floods, etc) is a result of God always throwing down miracles. However, they forget God's ability to see into the future and know when these events will take place.

In other words, we tend to focus so much on His omnipotence that we forget His omniscience.

Sure God is all-powerful, but why go out of His way to create natural catastrophes when they're going to happen on their own anyhow?

God will use whatever he can besides force to influence us for good, including earthquakes. The idea that you are a qualified judge of the "worst" of conference is laughable. Are you looking for slaps on the back from like-thinkers?
Heaven knows.

Thanks for stopping by, Joseph. You're free to grant my opinions whatever weight you think they deserve. Of course, you might consider stating your own views on the issue.

If God really works directly through earth and sky, you should probably comment on that tornado that struck the Conference Center building a few years ago too. I just dismissed it as an improbable but meaningless natural storm. What do you make of it?

I'm not sure if we are like thinker, Dave, since we disagree on some issues. Nevertheless, here's your first pat on the back. ;-)


The idea that God sometimes works through earthquakes doesn't entail that earthquakes are always worked by God. I think the danger of dismissing God as a God of Earthquakes is that pretty quickly God becomes the God of Nothing. No God of Healing, no God of Revelation. Where do we draw the line as to what influence God can have on the physical world? And if our emotions and psychology have physical components, is God likewise limited in influencing our emotions and our thoughts?

Does this not reduce God to nothing more than a Nice Idea?

None of this should be taken to imply that I think we must take literally any particular scriptural claim of God's intervention by earthquake or other physical means. I'm not sure how (other than by revelation) we could determine whether any particular event was influenced by God.

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