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I posted his book version of this talk several weeks ago at http://home.uchicago.edu/~spackman/hafen

It really is a good one, especially for those in graduate programs learning to think and analyze critically.

Here's the nasty Ensign link it you want:

And thanks for pointing me to the talk.

I think your summary is dead on. More uplifting and not the all out condemnation of gay marriage that many (of us) expected.

Having three little ones at three or under I didn't get to hear as much as I had hoped but I did enjoy what I could hear.

Elder Hafen has three well regarded books on the Atonement that I have bought but have yet to get to.


He's always very thoughtful.

Ben and David, thanks for the comments. I had not realized he followed up his talk with a book version or that he had a "Trilogy of the Heart" series. Some of my favorite books are trilogies! I'll have to give this a look next time I drop by Deseret Book.

New to the site. Thanks for a lot of interesting thought here.

Dave, there might not have been talks that directly addressed same-sex marriage, but there were quite a few who quoted or made reference to these days of peril we are in from 2 Timothy 3, which details our day's iniquities, including SSA. Elder Oaks's talk, IIRC, was in many ways similar to Paul's discourse.

Also, the church doesn't like to fight against anything. We are FOR the sacred sacrament of marriage and the preservation of the family. This is how the church speaks out indirectly against same-sex marriage, etc. There's a quote that explains this focus on light rather than darkness: "There is a reason why we in the Church do not talk more openly about this subject. Some matters are best handled very privately. With many things it is easy-very easy-to cause the very things we are trying to avoid." (Boyd K. Packer, quoted in "Homosexuality and the Church of Jesus Christ," By A. Dean Byrd, Ph.D., http://www.fairlds.org/pubs/byrd.html)

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