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I agree -- Bushman is the ultimate heavy-hitter. We are puny before the might of T&S!!

When the disaffected Mormons blog gets going, I want to be a poster! I even have a blog name: "Behold the Fruits of Sin!"

I'm afraid BCC is still the Mets to the T&S' Yankees. But it is indeed an exciting season!


I don't know -- just take a look at who we've got on deck for next week, and you may feel a little less overwhelmed.



Thanks for the kind words; I hope we can continue to merit them, despite our avert-your-eyes choice of a guest blogger for next week.

(Have I piqued everyone's curiousity yet?)


I think you are just trying to lower expectations--I won't fall for it. I'll bet you've got a GA or something lined up for next week. Since there are like 300 Seventies these days, that might not be as tough as it sounds. There must one whose assignment is "to preach the Gospel via all available electronic media." No doubt his/her first post would tell us to get off the Internet and do something useful with our time.

I think there should be a Canadian team. :-)

Wanna do double duty, Steve? ;-)

Dave, I doubt T&S will get a G.A.

Maybe the opposite :)

Steve--Yes, I suppose an AG (Attorney General) would have some very interesting things to say at T&S. And there are fewer AGs than GAs, so they're not easy to come by either.

Hmm. What is the opposite of a General Authority? A Specific Authority? a Specific Non-Authority? There's no good antonym for authority.

I think the usage is the same as local anesthetic and general anesthetic. So, the "opposite" would be Local Authority.

Perhaps "layperson"?

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