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I have a lot of gray space on the side. Is there not a way to configure by percent of screen space vs. absolute pixels? Also, the text box for comments (the one I'm typing in) is too wide.

But overall, I like it very much. I dig symmetry.

I agree on both counts. It looks pretty good, and better than the never-ending sidebar. Also, there seems to be some wasted space in the coding (like an entire sidebar plus worth) in gray space on both sides. (Unless you're deliberately going for the more-is-less, widescreen-movie-on-a-fullscreen-TV look).

On my own blog I'm still in the two-columns format and I know what folks are talking about when they mention wasted space. I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do with mine. Your site looks good. I might have to eventually switch over to three columns myself.

I thought there was something new here. I think it looks great. I wouldn't make the width relative; the current width of the middle column is just perect for reading.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Kim, I hadn't thought of readability, but now that you mention it I definitely don't like extra wide columns that some sites feature.

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