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actually...bowdoin is in the Seattle/Puget Sound area. kinda.

Wow Dave, you were way off! But anywho, my vote's on that one.

Actually, you were on Dave -- Bowdoin's in Maine, and I don't know if you get much more East Coastish than that. And the oversight in links in my Bloggernacle section has been rectified. ;)

Lyle, I'm from the Seattle/Puget Sound area -- just attending college over here on the other side of the country.

ok, maybe Dave was right. Sorry Dave.

my bad. i remembered that the e-pryncess had some type of WA connection; and thought it was college. my bad.

so...what is the battle of the blogs? how do they fight/compete?

Lyle, it's just my way of highlighting new Bloggernacle weblogs and inviting "regular viewers" to go check them out and "vote" for one plus make some comments. The term "battle of the blogs" is an allusion, I suppose, to the "battle of the bands" gigs that FM rock stations run on Friday nights, except I don't force a winner/loser choice. In the Bloggernacle, everyone can be a winner.

I cast my vote for Things to Act.

I vote for Things to Act, too.


while i really like the concise & insightful things to act...i'm burned out on politics.

imaginations fool has great diction, a cool layout, & i've been visiting there for awhile...so I'm biased.

I like both though. :)

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