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Welcome to the new members of the Mo Blog Club. I had already put "Celibate In the City" on my list and look forward to rading Imagination's Fool.

By the way Dave... thanks for the positive review at Blogarama.com. It finally "validated" after a number of days and I was able to read it. I have no idea if Blogarama.com will give me any feeds but I thought it might be worth a try.


Jus' checkin' out your blog, and enjoying...

I'm curious how one gets into the "Mo Blog Club"...


Never mind... I found the rules! :-)

I am interested in joining, tho...

the address is http://moboy.blogspot.com


Thanks for the welcome! I've set up links to everyone on IF, and will try to keep up with the commenting. I'm in the midst of finals right now...which means, I guess, I just have more good reasons to put off studying now. ;)

Welcome everyone. I enjoy JL's writing style. Very funny. :-)

my apologies re: links to others. I am realy not literate in MT. I hope to get some links made in the next week.

I am wondering how the various "Mo Blog Club" members are feeling. Is the club working for them? Are they getting comments?

I am fairly new to blogging and have had limited results in getting comments. I have thought a bit about this and I am guessing that it's because I'm not eliciting comments enough or asking questions. But I'd be interested to hear what others have learned from blogging. What works for them? I am writing this question here because I'm more confident people will read it here at this blog than at mine. :) Dave, I hope you don't mind me asking that question here.

Maybe I (and others) can learn something from what has worked for other Bloggernackers.

I've visited all the sites daily, but have had a hard time finding things to say. On other hand I suspect most find that about my site, so I shouldn't complain.

Still, it is sometimes difficult to figure out what one ought to comment about. It seems like the dynamic of a blog is quite different from a conversation. There are lots of blogs I read regularly but rarely have much to add to.

Also, I confess that some things I simply find more interesting than others. It sometimes is hard to fit it all together.

danithew: First, there are a lot of blogs out there, even saying some interesting things, that get zero comments. Kinda sad, really. So getting even a scattering of comments, one or two here or there and sometimes half a dozen, is "top of the curve" for solo blogs. And I'll agree with Clark that sometimes it's not easy to come up with a comment even for posts you enjoy reading.

Some posts spur lots of comments. IMHO, a few secrets are (1) short and readable posts; (2) asking a question always helps; (3) look for interesting stuff around on other blogs and post a link. I did a short post on a related topic ("Efficient Blogging") at BCC last month:


So here are some rules that might help:

1) short incisive posts
2) asking a question that invites a discussion
3) posting a link

There's a few other tricks that I'm brainstorming about. I've noticed you have your recent comments feature that posts up in the corner where a person sees it right away. That gets people to read comments that have already been written, and thus perhaps fosters more discussion.

And I've seen that sites that have downloads/services sometimes attract attention simply because they provide features/programs that people want.

Well, that's what I have for now.

Of course that depends upon the purpose of your blog. Is it to write an article or to engender a discussion? For instance I put comments on my site only by request and because some people had questions about the issues I raised. i.e. it was a place to allow me to clarify issues when necessary. However I never really focused on the comments, and still don't. Contrast this with Times and Seasons where it seems the comments are the main focus sometimes.

It really depends upon why you blog I suppose. As much as anything I write to clarify my own notions and to provide a service whereby some ideas are available to the googling masses.

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