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Some might find this useful too:


I like having the list of referrers from the last 24 hours displayed on my blog with a link. Some of them don't show up in technorati or on site meter. You can get it at truefresco.org. Plus, I like that it gives publicity to people who sent me traffic. I also like the Truth Laid Bear ecosystem. You are ranked on an evolutionary scale by the number of incoming links to your site. But it only counts other sites that are registered at truthlaidbear.com.
If all the club members register than we will all have at least 9 links, so your blogs would start out as fish or higher. You'd be vertebrae!

I just added a guestmap this weekend but so far no one has signed.

Can you tell how much I've been procrastinating my work in the last few weeks? ;)

I've got sitemeter set up on my site already (as you've probably noticed), and refer to Technorati often enough. I also refer to the TTLB ecosystem -- perhaps because I'm amused at being called a slimey mollusc, but also because it's interesting to see where I rate in comparison to the rest of the blogosphere.

I've got a question for you though, Dave. Is the "Reading now" section on the left panel there something you've set up through Typepad or just an additon of your own? I'm debating moving away from Blogspot, and that's a feature that I like a lot here.

I tried to sign it, JL, but couldn't for the lif of me figure out how...

Oh, wait. Scratch that. I blame the hour.

Arwyn, the booklist feature is built into Typepad. In addition to the normal list of links, you can make "book lists" in which you can simply type in the 10-digit ISBN code and it automatically pulls up the author/title line plus the small cover shot from Amazon. I like the feature because I can add a book in 10 seconds, as opposed to 4 or 5 minutes just finding the right link to use.

There's a similar feature for "music lists" (listing your favorite CDs) but I haven't used it yet.

Yesterday I added a kind of goofy blog "service" if you can call it that, to my site. It merges the Homeland Security Warning Advisory System with the images of Sesame Street characters. Elmo is red, Ernie is orange, Bert is yellow, etc. You can find the code for adding this to your site at:


A bunch of us folks who use Wordpress have been drooling over the possibility that some code will be released for the Guestblock program (a guest map program), currently featured prominently at:


Site Meter is really useful. I also like the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem and have it incorporated into my blog.

I'm glad you asked this question. I'll be interested to see what else comes up.

By the way, if you do go to the Guestblock site at:


Look for a red block and put your cursor on it. I left a little message for all you Bloggernaclers.


The correct term is *Bloggernackers*, coined by Dave Himself. *grin*

Yes, perhaps if it sticks the Choir members will start referring to themselves as "Tabbernackers."

The guestblocks are seriously cool. Didn't the blog owner write the code for that one? He/she could set up a download site with ads and make money on it.

You wouldn't be a slimy mollusc anymore if all the club members would register at TTLB *hint, hint*. For those of you who don't want to be called a slimy mollusc publicly on your blogs, you don't have to display your status.

Alright, I am now an Insignificant Microbe in the TTLB Ecosystem:


I hope this helps the rest of you move up the weblog evolutionary ladder.

Insignificant microbe won't last long.

Be proud to display your slimy mollusc status or your flippery fish status, I say.

By the way, I just figured out that you can configure sitemeter so that it will ignore your visits to your own site. This isn't hard to do... just explore the options in your sitemeter account a little. By setting it to ignore your own visits, you assure you'll be measuring the traffic of other users instead of padding the numbers with your own visits. I wish I had realized this earlier.

Oh, thanks danithew. Since half the visits to my site are me trying to make sure the page shows up the way I want it to after making corrections, that's a great help.

Good news--TTLB has picked up my inbound links. I have now been promoted to a Slithering Reptile in the TTLB Ecosystem.

I just found another odd blog service (right now I"m enjoying these kind of things). It allows you to keep track (with an image) of the phases of the moon. HEre's the link where you can pick up the code:


If that link doesn't work, feel free to go to my site and just hit on the moon image (you'll have to scroll down a bit) and it will take you straight to the site.

I am not sure how well it actually works but I'll be observing any changes in the image and trying to compare them to what I see in the sky on the odd evening.

I don't know why I'm not listed as having a link to your site. There must be something wrong with the way TTLB scans my blog or something because it doesn't count the T&S links to me either. Weird. Oh well. Congratulations on slithering. :)

I've just added Let Us Reason to the Ecosystem. They say it may take a day or so to get everything updated.

I use Site Meter, technorati, and TTLB as well. And Bloglines and Blogrolling, for the T & S blogroll (both of which have some problems).

It's not a tool per so, but I also use PHP rather than html, because it allows more flexibility. (Or at least, I can get things to work in PHP that I can't get to work in html).

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