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great topic. i still don't understand why LDS women don't get more degrees & LDS men aren't more interested in LDS women with degrees (over those that cook/clean, etc).

I evaluate others on gospel committment as #1 attractive factor...and Pres. Hinckley has made it clear that education is one of those (not that it wasn't clear before of course).

" i still don't understand why LDS women don't get more degrees "

Because they get married before they can finish school and get pregnant on their honeymoon. When the baby is born, they, of course, stay home.

Hey Lyle,
I think you are definitely in the minority with your preference for women with degrees. I'm working on my 3rd and I think that scares away more LDS men than anything else. A buddy of mine even told me that it was intimidating because it seems like I don't need a man. Like a degree is going to keep me warm at night or give me preisthood blessings or father my children. No, I don't need a man at all. ;-)
God bless you and keep you safe on your service in Iraq.

JL...youwsa probablesa rightsa. [bad jar-jar!!!]

however, i have hope that this will change. and i hope LDS women continue to get more degrees. of course this is complete selfishness; i've never been attracted to anyone without at least 1 degree & plans for another.


There is a distinct contingent that thinks that women with degrees are really, really cool. And let's face it, those are the ones you want to marry anyway. Yes, they're a minority, but they're definitely there.

My wife is a third-year medical student. Different women have different missions in life but I'm thrilled to be married to a highly-educated woman. You go girl!!!

Does anyone know where these single LDS guys who like degreed women hang out--other than the bloggernacle? They're probably still in school themselves hiding away in a library somewhere. ;)

I'm not sure about the library. Sounds like a possibility. However, there are two sure places where you can ambush one of these types. LDS guys who prefer women with degrees often can be found at:

1) a university

2) church

My wife found me at church. So shocking, but it's true. She spotted me first, introduced herself, made a point of saying hi to me at meetings (and even sitting with me in some classes) and about eight weeks later invited me to a party at her house. When I saw how nice she was to all the people at the party, I realized I'd be crazy if I didn't ask her out.

Sadly, her image of me as a studious and serious person was shattered when I quoted a Snoop Dogg song during one of our first dates. But I guess this wasn't a fatal error, since she likes hip-hop.

Hope I didn't bore you with all the details.

Hey wumpman,

Are you sure your wife and mine aren't sisters?

JL: I'll share that secret if you get Danithew & Kim to tell me what to do/where to find women that: have advanced degrees, testimonies & actually show interest in a guy rather than sitting on their rumps.

Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to give you the impression that my wife has advanced degrees. I was referring to her advances and danithew's wife's advances.

I don't know how danithew did it, but my wife couldn't resist my sex appeal and charm.

Towards the end of my two years, my mission president asked me to write a list of characteristics I was looking for in a future wife. I fulfilled the assignment in the perfunctory way but didn't really believe I had any idea what/who I was looking for (besides someone who was an active member of the LDS church). I felt down deep that I was simply going to have to keep an open mind and of course date a lot of people. Sure enough, I had to wait until the right person showed up in my life. I wish I knew some kind of fabulous secret... but all I did was keep attending church faithfully and one day I started to get to know this amazing person. Perhaps I should add that I didn't actually marry until almost ten years after my mission.

I wouldn't say that seeking a woman with a degree is a bad idea at all... but I wouldn't make seeking a woman with an advanced degree my main objective. Simply look for someone who is knowledgeable and wise, and if they happen to have the ambition and drive to get an advanced degree, good for them!

Doctrine and Covenants 88:40
For intelligence cleaveth unto intelligence; wisdom receiveth wisdom; truth embraceth truth; virtue loveth virtue; light cleaveth unto light; mercy hath compassion on mercy and claimeth her own ...

One would be silly to limit herself or himself to only looking for a mate who has an advanced degree. But in my experience, my education has seemed to cause men to lose interest in me. One guy I had a huge crush on actually just turned and walked away from me after I told him what I was doing in school. I've had the opposite problem too where guys just wanted to date me b/c they could show off my education even though they didn't like ME all that much.


I, too, made a list—of my own accord, not at promptng from my mission preseident—of what I wanted in a companion. I did mine over a period of years though while I was observing others.

It turned out my wife met all but two of them (she was not red headed and she did not speka French).

JL, It's unfortunate that your education turns some men off, but those aren't the kind of men you want anyway, right? At least, that's always what my mother told my sister.

As for me, I didn't marry a woman with a degree, but I did marry someone who is my intellectual equal (I have a B.A., but not an advanced degree). We are working on our lifelong education. I've seen some marriages where it seems that the husband and wife are not intellectual equals, and I can't imagine what it would be like. For me, I think it would be terrible.

If a man runs away from a woman because the woman has an education, what does that say about the man? Is he ignorant ... insecure ... both? What kind of pattern does the man want to set for any children he might have, particularly daughters?

One other point I might make. Most women, even those who are devoted to homemaking and child-raising, at some point find they need to work and earn money. There are few women who can be full-time homemakers for their entire lives. If a woman knows there's a good chance she's going to have to work, why not learn a profession that she really enjoys and that challenges her?

There seems to be a certain line that is drawn, in many minds, about what jobs a woman should hold and perhaps even what jobs a woman should not hold. Few would blink if a woman chose to become a nurse for example... but quite a few (at least in LDS culture) seem to blink when an LDS woman chooses to go to medical school.

OK, I'll stop there... before I get myself into real trouble. :)

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