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I'm kind of interested. This is the link to my blog http://www.ilovethehonorcode.com.

This sort of thing can and does just "emerge." There are about ten of us who are camped at various distances from the center of the Mormon Campground (thanks to Jeff Holland, 2003 for the analogy) who started blogging about the same time. We knew each other from a discussion board, and now we all read and comment on each other's blogs. It's nothing formal, but it does work a lot like the formal Blog Club you describe. What we have in common is that we talk about our lives on our blogs, and are getting to know each other as humans, rather than as disaffected Mormons.

I'm interested.

Why exclude the group blogs? Seems to me that cross-readership would be maximized by their inclusion.

steve: if you read the intro, while not obvious,
a group or binary blog defeats the purpose of the experiment...cuz this isn't just a maximize exposure idea...it is a quasi-study in emergence.

I would like to join.

the url listed is my 'personal' blog. it is very
non-artsy developed; and i don't even know how to link to other blogs. i have one post up so far & was waiting to develop it more before going public...but...hey, why not? :)

Oh and thanks for the link. ;-)

Is there a feed we can use for the club member list or do we maintian it manually? It's not an issue now, but it potentially could be as the club grows.

No feed, just manual. Thus, there is no central site or master list, just links between independent solo blog sites.

Although I plan to get around to registering on Bloglines, which might create a public feed you could access.

I'm interested! Sign me up!

More comments over at T&S:


I'm interested. Sign me up.

hook a bruva up

doh, i'm too late

me me me

never fear folks...i'm sure that a second round of 'club MoBlog' will open up soon.

Dave, can you help me with your criteria? Seems like my blog is somewhere in the middle of the family unit blog and the binary format you posted about. Where does Intellecxhibitionist fit in? (we're brothers!). If it does fit, sign us up. If not, we understand.

Ryan, I'll add your blog to the on deck circle. I'm aiming at the end of June as the first "blog club split" creating two new clubs, so stay tuned.

Dave, do you speak Korean?

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