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I really enjoyed this book. Emma didn't have an easy role in the restoration. I imagine Joseph III had a hard time reconciling his mother's late-life statements about Joseph's involvement in polygamy and the evidence he heard when he traveled out to Utah to investigate. I can't say that I blame Emma.

Yet...one wonders what would have happened if Emma had been true to the Gospel. Sad.

. Emma was true to something more important than "the gospel." She was true to her principles.

An exemplary woman, with the misfortune to choose men who were unable to be faithful husbands.

Lyle and Ann, not having read the book yet I can only shoot from the hip at this point, but it's clear that Emma was a strong personality and that she felt she was being true to something. To what or to whom she was being "true" (especially after the death of Joseph) will no doubt be a primary theme of the second half of the book.

Also, I believe the book makes clear that Emma did not approve of Brigham's polygamy, and that she realized that Joseph's plural wives were being married off to various Apostles as their plural wives. She did not want to be a trophy for any particular member, especially not as a third or fourth or twenty-fourth wife.

Also, I had the impression that Emma always believed that _she_ was the one who remained true to Joseph's memory. She was the one who stayed in Nauvoo, the city he constantly called Zion or the City of God, while other members took off for parts that Joseph Smith had never mentioned.

unfaithful husband. hm...that is a title i've never heard given to Joseph yet. more respectful than most i'll admit.

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