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Bill Miller actually teaches a "Faking It" Seminar at the University of Michigan Law School. I took his Bloodfeuds class. He is a very interesting man, to be sure.

Personally I always appreciate people who understate things. For those who have watched or read Joe Simpson's "touching the void" after breaking his knee at the top of a very difficult mountain he said something to the effect "well I guess this is going to make it tough to get down". I think understatement always leaves room for things to get worse. Of course it takes a while before people around you get used to the way you have set the bar. However, it always nice being able to talk about something difficult without seeming so egotisctical (something I think I struggle with). People who undestand the context usually pick up on the true meaning, putting things immediately into perspective. People who don't get the context are usually only impressed with the way things sound not what was actually done. Thus the substance is pretty much irrelevant anyway.

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