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How long has it been since you removed "Dave's" from the "Dave's Mormon Inquiry" title? I kind of liked that... made it more personal or something.

Just recently--beginning of July. I've noticed blog-naming conventions across the Blogosphere have moved mostly to clever titles without names, so I dropped "Dave."

Just look at the various Bloggernacle sites: A Soft Answer, Baron of Deseret, Let Us Reason, Mormon Wasp, Our Thoughts, Sons of Mosiah.

Although if I got enough complaints, I'd probably switch it back.

It's not exactly a complaint. :) I just liked the ring of Dave's Mormon Inquiry. As I said earlier, the use of your name adds a kind of personality to it. "Mormon Inquiry" sounds like less of a personal blog -- if you had a bunch of co-writers then perhaps Mormon Inquiry would make more sense. But that's just my take on it.

Either way I'll continue to visit your blog regularly. :)

Given that I am rather fond of the "personal touch" that one can achieve with personal blogs, I have reinstated "Dave's Mormon Inquiry" while I continue to ponder the question. Maybe if I ever expand to add additional posters I'll make the switch.

Holy Cow... I have so much power and influence!

Next, I think you should post a large advertisement for Wump Blog in your heading. :)

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