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So, hey, now that it's Monday, can you say mean things about your ward choir? I have a selfish motive for asking--I have about half an essay written in my head on "Why the Ward Choir Sounds So Awful," and I'd love to know about the experience of people who haven't been directing the ward choir since they were 17.

Also, I second your advice about daughters--much as I like to resist essentialist notions about the sexes, I gotta say there is some magic je-ne-sais-quoi about little girls!

Sounds like a fun Father's Day!

I attended the Singles Ward this past Sunday, and it was kind of amusing to have a Father's Day Sunday with only three fathers present. The Relief Society passed out moonpies to all the guys instead (kind of like how in many wards they pass out flowers to all the women on Mother's Day, regardless of whether they are mothers or not), and the talks tended less toward fatherhood and more toward self reliance. Overall, an interesting experience.

Gresham's Law of Choirs--bad voices drive out good ones. Need I say more? I suppose better voices tend to be younger voices that tend to belong to busier younger people (kids, callings, Sunday meetings) as opposed to those who retire into the choir. I tried for awhile then gave up--but they still hound me. When they sing I duck beneath the pew in front of me--I can't bear to watch. Okay, I suppose I'm exaggerating a bit. I doubt the congregation notices much.

Fathers Day--my ward made it priesthood celebration day, which is odd because there are fathers who aren't priesthood holders and there are priesthood holders who aren't fathers. Seems guaranteed to rub a few people the wrong way. What's wrong with a couple of nice talks about dads and fatherhood?

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