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I just followed the link from Heretic's Corner.

You're a LIBERAL Mormon??? Wowee, I can hardly contain my excitement. Like you're a Mormon but you're liberal? And critical of Mormonism? I'd heard they existed, but I am delighted to meet one. I look forward to reading more of you.

Nice you dropped in Dave, uh, "Dave" is taken around here--mind if I make your name "Visitor Dave" or something, to avoid confusion?

"Liberal Mormon" is a term of art that has more of a religious slant than a political one and even then is rather broad, but I use it in the absence of a better term. Outside the religious context, a liberal Mormon is generally still a conservative anything else. A conservative Mormon . . . well, how far right can one go and not fall off the map?

Your posts are irreverent?

Hmmm...Maybe I'm just not coming here enough.

Kim, I think "irreverent" means different things to different people. The kind of irreverence I work hard to avoid is being rude and offensive, or making gratuitous criticism of people who don't invite it or deserve it, especially on religious topics.

On the other hand, I do at times discuss or respond to controversial points of history or doctrine, and sometimes blog in a rather lighthearted vein. Some people label that sort of discourse "irreverent" as well, but there are better terms for it.

Dave, I like how many of the issues you discuss aren't taken too seriously. I tend to get worried when people put too much value on opinons or the way others perceive them. It is nice seeing discussions on controversial topics that don't create much controversy. This would never work for a reporter, but sure makes it easier to create a well informed opinion.

Thanks for the comment, Chris. Actually, I think reporters (off the editorial page) try to develop a style that allows them to write about controversial topics without being controversial--maybe not with humor, but with some other technique. There's a short blog I did a couple of days ago about how religion reporters deal with that tricky problem, with a link to a nice post.

I meant irreverent in a nice way, really! What I meant is that I don't find the writing here to be excessively pious, exclusive, or scornful of other faith traditions. Whether Dave is considered a "liberal" in his tradition is something I have no clue about.

By the way, I am a hospital chaplain intern and my own pre-conceived notions about the LDS faith are really being blown away by the missionary who's decided to work with our multifaith ministry. Thus my search for a well-written blog by someone in the LDS church. Cheers!

Karen J, best of fortune in the challenges of a hospital ministry, where so many people need a listening ear and an understanding friend. If you ever have a question that needs "general Mormon comment," drop me a line and I'll run it up the flagpole here or at By Common Consent, the friendly neighborhood Mormon group blog.

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