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Sign me up.

Sign me up too. :)

And me!

Sign me up...Maybe I'll write about Mormon stuff more often...


Thanks for the invite (over at A Motley Vision). I'm going to pass on this round although I like the idea of the Mo Blog Club.

I'd be even more intrigued bn the idea of a blog burst where a few of us agree on a particular subject or book(s) and spend a week (or so) posting and commenting on the same theme.

Make it one more.

William, I definitely second your idea and we'd mentioned that earlier when discussing doing the split. Please offer any suggestions. Also anyone who wants to be in the "bookish and thoughtful" blog group please let me know. Perhaps we could make it that once a week you have to post on something related to the book at hand?

Clark, that sounds like a nice arrangement. By the way, I'm offering Joseph's Journal as an RPT blog:


I need to get a little more mileage out of it to justify the effort I'm putting into it, despite the satisfaction of reading the HC slowly and carefully.

I'm not sure Joseph's Journal is the kind of project that inspires a lot of comments... but I just want you to know that I think it's an exceptional and useful project. I check it pretty often and appreciate being able to read about Church History a little bit on a regular basis. I hope you don't feel discouraged due to lack of feedback. I think it's very worthwhile and edifying to read.

Sorry for not keeping up on this.

So right now this is what I have in the RPT blog club:

Dave's, mine, Speaker for the Living, WumpBlog, Let Us Reason, and possibly Our Thoughts. Is that about right? Anyone else want to join? Anyone want to be in the other?

Same rules as before, everyone has to post in each others blogs at least once a week. That means we probably have to offer some post that people can post in. (I'm sometimes guilty of that when I get caught up writing about what I'm interested in)

I'd like to do the book reading thing as well but don't know what everyone would like to read. Presumably something common but available online as well so no one has to purchase anything.


Okay, if it's not too late -- I'm in.


When do we start?

Can I still be in it?

Spencer, seems like your heart isn't in blogging lately (one post in two weeks) which makes sense if The Big Day is about a month away. Don't you hate it when real life intrudes on blogging?

I'd be inclined to give you a bye this round and put you in the On Deck Circle until the next blog split so you can give your full attention to pressing matters like: Which dish towel set goes with the china set honey, pink with white flowers or rose with the teal border?

Unless the MLBC really, really matters to you.

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