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Well, I think I'm for Mo Life.
[edited by request 6/15]

I wonder if it should be the RPTL club (or the RePTiLes?) for Religion, Politics, Theology and Law.

I'm open to including politics so long as they have a vaguely Mormon thrust. Sort of like most of the political discussions over at T&S. But they certainly don't have to be like mine. (Indeed I truly hope they aren't - I enjoy reading other takes on things and especially commenting, as readers of T&S know)

I messed that up. I think the "P" was meant to be for Philosophy, not for politics.

clark...will you or dave be posting the list for Reptile?

Look for a post at Mormon Metaphysics where comments and "applications" can start accumulating. There is already an "RPT Blog Club" listing on his sidebar, but that will be updated as blogs self-select into the newly coalescing clubs.

I believe one of my other blogs is going to apply to the RPT club when there's a post up over there to comment on.

I'd love to join one of the clubs, but the stuff about religion will be relatively sparse while the posts about politics will be very promiscuous. I do post things about my life, though not terribly often. Are either of the clubs for me?

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