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Clark, I have modified Joseph's Journal to be a better fit with a blog club--I'll post a "Book of the Month" that matches the LDS History nature of that blog, plus do "discussion posts" once a week relevant to HC entries where general comments and discussion can happen. My idea with Joseph's Journal was to be 100% neutral with no commentary, but it is worth a compromise on that goal to make the site more active.

I'll also post an RPT Blog Club list here at this site. That makes it easy to see how prior members have have selected one or the other club and who new members are (there are two in Mo Life).

I think Let Us Reason fits in this one. Sign me up.

My sense of things is that the RPT club is more for blogs that are almost completely focused on LDS thought (or religion/philosophy/theology). I'm a bit less focused in my blog so I think it belongs more in the Mo Life Blog Club. But that's just my opinion. :)

I've put on my side bar all the names in the RPT group.

I think so long as everyone starts reading a book and commenting on their reading that should be a good start. We're probably not quite to the single focus yet for doing more than that. I'm thinking about doing a more formal reading of Blake Ostler's book The Attributes of God, which is probably the best introduction into LDS theology there is. I disagree with him on various matters, but always recommend his book.

I think urandom(4) thoughts probably qualifies for the RPT club. Would you mind signing me up? (I'll be offline next week, but other than that I should be good for posting and commenting.)


I think you're right, Pat. I'll update my list later, subject to Clark's "thumbs up." Welcome to the [RPT] Club.

I had trouble following your link, but dug it up elsewhere. I think this is it; correct me if it's wrong.


I'm sorry if I confused the issue by posting in the other thread, but I was responding there to an invitation from Clark. I think I work better in the RPT group if they'll have me. Is that cool? Or I can sit this one out and come in on the next split. But it looks like Clark has me listed on his blog in RPT and Dave on this blog in Mo-life.

Or perhaps I should stay quiet about all this and enjoy the comment-love from all quarters ;-).

Yeah, we more than want to have you William. In fact I'd already put you on my RPT list on my blog a few days ago. All you need to do is put the list on your page and then visit and comment on the blogs in the list once a week.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

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