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For some reason I'm #3. I don't quite understand why. I'm probably one of the least read of the main blogs. (I get about 15 repeat readers per day) I also don't think I'm very representative of what people are looking for. Shouldn't Times and Seasons be #1, for instance?

I come up near the top in all sorts of queries as well. Indeed my visits from google are about twice as big as regular viewers (although I'm sure some of the people googling to me show up in the repeat category). It's a little odd. I think I can say with no false humility that a dozen others might better place higher.

You're much too humble, Clark. Believe the wisdom of Google. You are a Force to be reckoned with in the blogosphere.

I'm very low for "mormon blog" searches, but #1 for "jeopardy winner" searches. ;-)

I will offer the weak hypothesis that: For every blog B, there is a Google search L for which B will come up #1 at time T. This BLT hypothesis is best investigated over a sandwich at lunchtime. Finding that magic set of words might take some time. Since I can't think of a practical way to prove that *no* set of words will push a given blog to the top of the stack, I don't think my hypothesis can be disproven--a rhetorical advantage (if a technical fault) for any hypothesis!

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