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For a minute there -- from your post -- it sounded like the poor kid lost his scholarship because he was willing to play on Sunday. While the circumstances still seem murky to me, I'm glad to read that's not the case.

Though, can they kick you out of BYU for that?

Good question. There certainly seems to be a BYU policy against any teams competing on Sunday, but I'm not sure how that plays out in individual sports like tennis or golf where the competitors do represent the team but are competing individually.

It would be unfair to spotlight individuals either positively or negatively in any episode like this. On the one hand, I admire those who stand on principle and are willing to make sacrifices in the name of those ideals. On the other hand, I understand those who balance competing duties/demands and their own ideals in a "give and take" sort of way, which is actually more in line with my own temperament. I've never been fond of the "Sunday rules" many Mormons impose on themselves.

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