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I think that is a good point. No one wants to just be tolerated. Everyone wants to be accepted. And that will inevitably make the future of relations between homosexual lobbies and movents and Christians difficult. When the really liberal Christian sects move towards a more metaphoric view of Christianity though, they tend to lose their congregation. Yet moderate liberals, who don't go that far, end up with the tensions you mention.

You can't make everyone happy, but you at least have to make a substantial minority happy if your position is to survive institutionally. Liberal Protestants might be happy about middle-ground tolerant positions on the homosexuality question in a lukewarm way, but not an excited, motivated, committed way. So mainline denominations have steadily lost commitment and support, while Evangelicals (with a cut-and-dried polar position) have rallied the faithful and built strong (if decentralized) organizations. Who needs tolerance? might be the Evangelical motto.

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